Role: Art Director / Facilitator 
Brief: Inspire us and show us new processes.
A well-iterated and co-created hand-book that Vasakronan can use and upgrade through out the years.

The hand-book provides examples of trends that can have an impact on their future and ideas they helped us come up with. The most important part of this hand-book is not only the main areas or chapter we gave them; knowledge sharing, ideation, prototyping, and user research, we also connected those areas with tools that would strengthen there company culture. During our time with Vasakronan we found, through workshops and internal and external research a need for small, easy steps towards a more creative workflow that they can implement in there daily lives since they already had very big ideas.
Since we found that our clients were intimidated by the “digital future” we felt it fit to provide them with an “old school” printed book. We based all the content in the book from workshops we had with our client. 
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