Role: Project Manager

Time Together is a contemporary art project about tattooing.
Julim has been working as an artist for the last 10 years.
She has been working as a tattoo artist for the last 3 years.
She started observing the established tattoo process and asked herself one simple question: 
How long should it take to do something that will last forever?

She came to realize that there was huge incoherence in the way we approach the “making” of something that will stay on the body for a lifetime.
“I couldn’t get this question out of my mind, so I decided to dedicate the next phase of my artistic career to explore this tension and do something with it.” - Julim
TIME TOGETHER aims to explore a new process of creation in which the person that gets the tattoo is not just seen as a “client”, but is considered an active collaborator and subject of the project.
It starts with the premise that the process of making a tattoo should be driven by inspiration, and should respect the time needed to make it happen. The opposite of a mechanical process.
This project proposes a collaborative practice between the subject and the artist, which demands time, presence and experience to develop a deep artistic process that ends in a tattoo.
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