Role: Project Manager, Facilitator
The Swedish Institute wanted to communicate the connection between the 250-year-old Freedom of the Press Act and a cutting edge communications project. They wanted it to be communicated in a campaign like, shareable and potentially viral format.
It was really important to co-create the solution together with our client. We started with a view workshop in order to align our expectations. As the project manager I facilitaded a 
design question workshop, to make sure we stayed focused on solving the most important matter for us and the client. We the moved on to the next phase of research and trend-mapping. We felt we needed to understand the meaning of freedom of speech. What happens in a context when freedom of speech is taken for granted and how can the lack of freedom of speech effect a society?
After researching workshops within the team, workshops with our client, interviews with people across the globe we found that the importans of freedom of speech lays in if you are being heard or not.
Our solution is a platform where you get to express yourself when you first listen to someone else. A chane of stories from across the globe that can be documented into a book.
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